The Mate range of apps run on iPhone and Android Smartphones and can synchronise between your team s phones as well as email your farm advisor.


When you re out of contact you still need a good mate. Because sometimes we farm outside the city boundary and outside of mobile coverage, these apps are designed, once downloaded and Added to Homescreen , to run offline. You can enter data, get reports and do everything you need. If there is no coverage your Mate doesn t ask why or get scared about being so far from the office. It just kicks on as normal then once back home in wifi range or in mobile coverage then just save the data back to the web for backup.



Click on the logo of the app you wish to try from your iPhone/Android phone s browser*

Phone apps designed by kiwi dairy farmers to make managing staff, feeding grass and supplemented diets to their herds easy.

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*when signing up for 5 years

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