The main recipe screen. Alter your feeds here.

This is the main paddock list which you can sort by Paddock, DM or Days. From here, once setup, you can enter a grazing with one touch of a finger.† Even import your DM readings from your pasture meter. Nice one mate.

Spring rotation planner. Touch the screen to see what round you need to be on any particular day.† Really? Top mate.

DM feed wedge. From here quickly determine any lack of growth and potential feed shortage or surplus. Now thatís a good mate.

This is the main cow analysis screen. The graph tells you how far above or below ideal you scored your cows on particular aspects.† Nice one mate.

Body Score. Set your own targets then score your cows body condition with one button press/cow. Watch the score change as you go...

...then graph the results. Overlay this graph with last time your scored the herd to compare change in condition. Mate, thatís nice.

Farmer comments


MixMate very handy at the mo with grass changing, great to be dropping out some expensive feed. Te Awamutu


Definitely having this for more than one season. Waitara


They are so clever. Itís quite amazing. Southland


So fun to use and great to know exactly what weíre doing. Northland


Iíve got 3 farms and wouldnít be without them on all of them. Fielding


I share them with everyone who comes around. Waikato


Great to keep track of things when Iím not on farm. Canterbury/Waikato


WorkMate is a handy app for communicating with the team. The boss puts a job into WorkMate, ranks the job for priority, sets a due date. Staff then update the jobs status depending on how much theyíve done. Overdue jobs are highlighted in red. Completed jobs are crossed out. Have as many lists as you want and everyone in the team has the same thing, up to date and clear. Handy mate!

Type in the size of your bunker, drag the stack back until it looks like yours and it will tell you how† many tonnes of DM is left in the bunker. Oh maaaate!.

Analyse your herdís diet to keep feeding on track and costs under control


Pin point hazards on your farm so everyone can see exactly where the danger is

Incident reports are super easy to record. Eg This screen shows where on the body the injury was.

This shows a list of all your hazards and your distance away from them.

Put this QR code at your farm entrance and visitors can sign in, view the hazards you select for them to see all without the need for them to install SafeMate

Keep a list of all your machines that need servicing/regular maintenance. SafeMate will show you when a scheduled service is required. You can add photos as evidence of repairs or service to your maintenance record.