Order & Pricing

Sign up for the Mates apps tapping the register button in the Mate’s home screen. Alternatively email gotnomates@farmmates.com with your details, preferred username and password.


Pricing: (All prices in New Zealand dollars)


$10/month = 1 year

$9/month = 2 year

$8/month = 3 year

$7/month = 4 year

$6/month for a 5 year registration


$20/month/app for consultants version*



*This includes an unlimited client list and client setup support from farmmates.com.


Apps are charged out for the duration selected and payable in advance. You have 14 days free to make sure the app works on your phone. Once all is going then pay the automatically generated invoice. If payment is not received in 14 days your registration will expire or email us if “the cheque is in the mail”. Also email us if you particularly need a shorter registration.


I’ve got more than 1 farm. How does that work?

Mates are designed for 1 farm. MixMate has unlimited recipes and CowMate has unlimited observations but they are best suited to the 1 operation. To help with this we offer additional registrations at half price. “But I’ve got 10 farms” I hear you say. Then lets talk.




Terms & Conditions:


Click here to view the Farmmates Terms & Conditions before registering for a Farmmates app.