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I was born and raised on our 67ha family farm in Gordonton, just north of Hamilton. I enjoy living here with my wife Rebecca and three children, Logan, Hannah† and Katie. I love dairy farming with all the challenges it brings. Iím passionate about feeding cows well, making economic gains, both personally and as a country, and protecting the sustainability of our farm and industry. I milk 330 Jersey cows through 4 Lely robots and supply Fonterra with winter milk.


I was the face of LICís Protrack gate ad campaign for a while so you may have seen me in the farming magazines - I was the guy who ďasked for itĒ with drool hanging from my chin. I enjoy competing in multisport events, cycling, river kayaking and mountain running. Other hobbies include developing software for Smartphones, reffing Waikato menís league football, coaching my sonís soccer team and connecting with people in our community. To really relax, time at Raglan with the family is a great battery recharger.


I have been involved in programming computers since school and have a natural bent that way. In time I transitioned to developing apps for the now extinct Palm handhelds. After waiting for an OS to dominate the market we now have Android and iPhone leading the way so I have developed the Mate apps to run on both.


I created the Mate apps to take the hassle out of checking how well my cows were being fed. Now with MixMate the ration is checked in seconds. With GrassMate my manager keeps track of grazing dates and I can keep track of walks etc on my phone without bothering him and I have confidence he is choosing paddocks that are appropriate for grazing. CowMate enables us as a team to walk into the paddock, look at the cows and get a definitive answer on how good our current feeding† is for the herd.


I hope you enjoy using the Mate apps as much as we do. Any questions or thoughts Iíd love to hear about them. Just flick me an email.